Excelsior Award White 2019

2019 Shortlist

The books on the Excelsior Award White shortlst have been designated as suitable for children aged 9+ (or Key Stage 2 in schools)

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Once a year, giant robots from outer space come to Earth and bond with young cadets from the elite Sky Corps Academy to defend the world from the terrifying aliens known as the Sharg. It’s a great honour to be chosen, but this year... well, the wrong kid was picked. Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk) and Takeshi Miyazawa (Ms. Marvel) team up for an action-packed and heartfelt underdog story about the true makings of heroism and friendship in the face of overwhelming odds.


Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa

Published by Boom! Studios

ISBN-13: 978-1684151950

Looshkin is the maddest cat in the world! You may think that your cat is mad, but they've got nothing on Looshkin. Leave him for just a moment and you'll find that your house has flooded, a steam train has smashed into your living room and a portal to another dimension has opened in your loft. And everything is covered in bees. And there are sirens. Looshkin, what have you done?!


Writer: Jamie Smart

Artist: Jamie Smart

Published by David Fickling Books

ISBN-13: 978-1788450034

It’s hard to make an honest living in a land brimming with magic and mystery, and treasure hunter Luvander is tired of being a penniless adventurer. Ever in search of gold and glory, she sets off for a fabled dungeon - “The Dragon’s Maw” - an ancient labyrinth at the bottom of which slumber endless wealth… or certain doom! A loner by nature, Luvander is forced to team up with a group of scraggly adventurers, each hoping to find a treasure of their own in the forbidden tomb. 


Writer: Sebastian Girner

Artist: Galaad

Published by Image Comics

ISBN-13: 978-1534304826

Far out at sea, and hidden by the mists of time, sails The Mary Alice and her crew - searching for a way home. But the mysterious ship is being hunted by a villain who will go to ANY lengths to track them down...

Join John Blake and the crew on an unforgettable time-travelling adventure.


Writer: Philip Pullman

Artist: Fred Fordham

Published by David Fickling Books

ISBN-13: 978-1788450591

A young girl named Nagi and a giant spider make an unusual pair in this post-apocalyptic story, but living in the mountains is lonely, and they’ve managed to find each other. Join them in their strangely sweet domestic bliss as they spend their days sharing tea and throwing picnics, proving that love (and delicious food) can bring together even the most unlikely of friends.


Writer: Kikori Morino

Artist: Kikori Morino

Published by Seven Seas

ISBN-13: 978-1626927544

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