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Graphic Novel of the Month

 Supergirl (2011-2015) Vol. 2: Girl In the World

Supergirl, Volume 2: Girl in the World

Unlike her cousin Superman, Supergirl arrived on Earth from her dead home planet of Krypton fully grown, fully powered and totally confused. Unable to speak anything but her native tongue of Kryptonese, unsure of how she arrived on Earth, and distrustful of the now-adult Superman, Supergirl truly is alone in the world.

When Kara is quickly befriended by a Scottish punk rocker named Siobhan-who can mysteriously speak Kryptonese - she's getting more than a best friend out of the deal. She's also getting a new ally and an introduction to the strangest enemy she's ever faced - the supernatural Black Banshee. But what is Siobhan's link to this new, immortal threat?


Awards Ceremony

Pics from Awards Ceremony 2015 at Longley Park Sixth Form College, Sheffield


Pics from Awards Ceremony 2014 at Ecclesfield School, Sheffield


 Movie from Awards Ceremony 2013


Pics from 2013 at Ecclesfield School, Sheffield


Movie from Awards Ceremony 2012

Pics from 2012 at Ecclesfield School, Sheffield


Movie from Awards Ceremony 2011

Pics from 2011 at Ecclesfield School, Sheffield

Many thanks to Louisa Register, Rick Cowling (Sheffield Space Centre), Olly MacNamee (Small Heath School, Birmingham) and Tony Cater, Amber Fox, Megan Liceon & Rowena Buckley (Ecclesfield School, Sheffield) for the photography - and to Russell Wall and James Guy from Digital Story Engine for the fantastic movies

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