Excelsior Award Red 2023

2023 Shortlist

The books on the Excelsior Award Red shortlst have been designated as suitable for children aged 14+ (or Key Stage 4 in schools)

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An elderly widow buys what turns out to be the Holy Grail from a second-hand shop, setting her off on an epic adventure with a knight who brings her gifts of ancient relics in hope of winning the cup.
From the Eisner and Bram Stoker-award winning team of Snow, Glass, Apples comes a delightfully humorous and charming new graphic novel adaptation.


Writers: Neil Gaiman

Artist: Colleen Doran

Published by Headline

ISBN-13: 978-1472290649

Everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth has finally come to manga! As soon as Deadpool moves to Tokyo, he runs afoul of some familiar faces. Before he knows it, he’s teaming up with new heroes, battling gods, attending concerts, and being repeatedly dismembered. That’s good, right? What could possibly go wrong when Iron Man invites Deadpool to join the Avengers' new Samurai Squad? After all, Deadpool is just in it for the money… and the trip to Japan. This is fine, right?


Writer: Sanshiro Kasama

Artist: Hikaru Uesugi

Published by Viz Media

ISBN-13: 978-1974725311

The whole of London is shocked when the mayor is found dead on an Underground train, but perhaps none more so than university student Al Adley. Though he took the Tube at the time of the fatal stabbing, he doesn’t remember seeing anything unusual - certainly nothing to explain how a bloody knife found its way into his pocket that night. However, in spite of this damning evidence, Detective Ellis believes Al’s claims of innocence. Now the two must work together to conceal Al’s involvement and clear his name in the face of shadowy forces working to see Al take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit...


Writer: Shinya Shima

Artists: Shinya Shima

Published by Yen Press

ISBN-13: 978-1975340827

When the ice caps melted, most of humanity was lost to the hidden disease that was released. Now, a mysterious girl named Eve has awoken in secret and must deal with a world that’s nothing like the virtual reality she was raised in. In order to save her father, and accompanied only by Wexler, her robotic caretaker and protector sheathed in her favorite teddy bear, Eve must embark on a deadly quest across the country. Along the way, she will have to contend not only with the threats of a very real world that awaits her, but the lies we tell our children in the name of protecting them.


Writer: Victor LaValle

Artists: Jo Mi-Gyeong

Published by Boom Studios

ISBN-13: 978-1684158089

When a startling discovery is made in Sweden, the B.P.R.D. sends Hellboy and Abe Sapien to investigate. What ensues is a wild adventure full of Norse legends, mythical creatures, and a threat that could bring gods to their knees. Based on the illustrated novel by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, this hardcover collection brings readers into Hellboy's fight against the Frost Giants.


Writer: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden

Artists: Matt Smith

Published by Dark Horse

ISBN-13: 978-1506727585

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