Endorsements (old)

What School Librarians Say About The Excelsior Award...  

  • "This was the first year we have taken part but definitely not our last! This has been my most successful book group so far." Louise Burkett (School Librarian, Gloucester)
  • "The mix of books was perfect as it was eclectic and diverse. The students all commented on the artwork and how that in itself drew their attention to the read." Tina Sanders (School Librarian, Surrey)
  • "It was our first year with the Excelsior Award. I received a very positive feedback from the students and our Comics Club gets new members every month! It was a great literacy activity too. We will definitely participate in 2017." Anna Cooper (School Librarian, Dublin)
  • "We used to shadow the Carnegie, but our students just didn’t enjoy it. So we’ve joined your award and the students are rapt! And I’m an addict!" Lynne Coppendale (School Librarian, Doncaster)
  • "The Rating Form was good because they didn’t have to write a formal review – they do enough of that in lessons!" Rosalind Jensen (School Librarian, Dorset)
  • "Thanks for all your hard work. It's a marvellous way to get involved with graphic novels." Jo Huett (School Librarian
  • "Looks COOL! You're fab, you know that??? I think it's brilliant! All novels should be recognised." Nikki Heath (School Librarian of the Year 2008, Stockport)
  • "I had far more pupils interested than books allowed for. I shall be investing in more sets next year. The award also brought me into contact with pupils who are not frequent or usual library visitors. New relationships have been created! Thank you!" Carolyn Cook (School Librarian, Birmingham) 
  • "The quality of the artwork and just the sheer beauty of a glossy quality book makes them so attractive compared to many of the cheap and cheerful paperbacks." Tricia Oyston (School Librarian, Sheffield) 
  • "It was a very useful exercise for me as I haven't read many graphic novels personally and it has given me a better idea of what I should be purchasing for our school library." Jessica Locke (School Librarian, Ledbury, Herefordshire)
  • "Think this is a fantastic idea. The boys at my place will eat it alive!" Carol Webb (School Librarian of the Year 2011, Lewisham, London) 
  • "I’ve been looking for something like this and it seems perfect, especially for engaging reluctant readers or pupils who wouldn't usually join a traditional reading club." Gemma Sosnowsky (School Librarian, Cumbria)  

And What People Said About The Awards Ceremony!  

  • "Thanks for a great event on Friday. The kids loved it and it’s generated lots of excitement around next year’s award already! We talked about the results, graphic novels, comics-related film and TV and anime ALL THE WAY HOME, literally for over two hours!" Gemma Sosnowsky (School Librarian, Cumbria)
  • "What an absolutely FANTASTIC event. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thought it was spot-on for keeping the kids entertained. I was even surprised that I managed to answer three of the quiz questions!!" Diane Kostka (Manager of the Schools and Young People's Library Services, Sheffield)
  • "I must congratulate you on the first class organising that went in to the event yesterday. It was a wonderful day and the commitment of everyone to support you was obvious in its success. The enthusiasm of all the students and their teachers and administrators was a great indicator to me of their regard for you personally." David Mortlock (UK Associate - Campfire Publications, India)
  • "This was an absolutely excellent event, reaching precisely the sort of audience that I always wanted my Comic Festival events to reach. The school hall was full of kids who now read comics, some of whom did before but all of whom will do now. Thanks and congratulations." Kev F Sutherland (Beano artist, comedian and keynote speaker)
  • "I was amazed at the utter enthusiasm of the kids for the medium. After hearing tales for years of how children and teenagers don't read comics anymore, it was refreshing to see such proof to the contrary. Congratulations to Paul for organising the event. Well done, that man." Bryan Talbot (writer/artist of Grandville Mon Amour)
  • "I am sure I speak on behalf of all the secondary librarians that attended the Excelsior Awards when I say we owe you a big thank you - it was inspirational! The speakers were fabulous, the kids so well behaved, perfectly pitched for the age groups and the whole event organised with precision. I loved every minute of it as did our students from year 7 through to the year 11 leavers who came in for the day to be involved." Rachael Bird (Learning Resource Centre Manager, Firth Park Community Arts College)
  • "Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the hard work you put in to this morning’s ceremony!! We all really enjoyed it and a lot of the kids I brought were truly fascinated with what was going on, especially with Kev F. Sutherland and Ted Adams III - they couldn't stop talking about how Kev had drawn so easily and made making a comic so interesting!" Carol Willans (LRC Manager, Birley Community College)

What Comics Creators Say About The Excelsior Award...  

  • "What an absolutely fantastic program. Really honoured to be involved. I have long been an advocate of comics and graphic novels and their place as a literacy tool. Providing young people with something exciting and fantastical that they WANT to read seems like a pretty simple idea but it's one that is sadly overlooked by many. So, it's great to see you pushing this out there." Tom Taylor (writer of Star Wars: Blood Ties)
  • "This is fantastic. I'm thrilled that Sinister Spider-Man is up for consideration. You're a great champion for comics and graphic novels and I wish you the best of success with your endeavour." Chris Bachalo (illustrator of Sinister Spider-Man) 
  • "The Excelsior Award is not hype. It's a genuine effort by UK school librarians to get comics into schools. We all win!" Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, 2000AD, Green Lantern)
  • "I think it's a great idea. If it wasn't for comics I wouldn't have read anything at all as a teenager. I'm delighted to hear that Batman Reborn has made the shortlist." Frank Quitely (illustrator of Batman Reborn) 
  • "I'm extremely honoured to have been included in such a worthwhile cause and alongside such talent. I wish you every success with the project. Great idea!" Clint Langley (illustrator of ABC Warriors) 
  • "Good luck with it all. You're a champion of the cause!" David Lloyd (Aces Weekly, V For Vendetta, etc.)
  • "Just read your email about Wuthering Heights. Great news for myself and my two writers Sean and Emily and for Classical Comics." John M. Burns (illustrator of Wuthering Heights: The Graphic Novel)
  • "John's artwork on our version of Wuthering Heights is something very special, and I think we made a sophisticated version, authentic to the original. So this news is very pleasing. The award aim seems a worthwhile one also, of promoting graphic novel reading within schools. Good luck with the process!" Sean M. Wilson (script adaptation on Wuthering Heights: The Graphic Novel)
  • "Wow! What a great program you've started. Truly. I'm honoured to be a part of it and I thank you for helping my book get into 120+ libraries where it otherwise might not have." Robert Venditti (writer of X-O Manowar)
  • "Thanks so much! I'm confident I speak for the rest of the team in expressing our sincere gratitude for this honour. Nothing is more exciting than getting comics in front of a new generation of readers, so win or lose, we already feel like champs for being included in this process. It's a great thing you good folks are doing!" Tom Waltz (writer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • "Wow, this is a really amazing honour to be chosen. Thank you for letting me know about this award. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for any news. Let me know if I can do anything to help spread awareness of the award." Kurtis J. Wiebe (writer of Peter Panzerfaust)
  • "Personally, I have to tell you, I am very honoured to be part of this. All of the motivations and meanings mentioned in your film and on the website are very true to my own. I can't tell you how pleased I am to be associated with your program. Thanks again." Tyler Jenkins (illustrator of Peter Panzerfaust)
  • "What fabulous and unexpected news! Thank you for tracking me down to let me know, it's such a great list of books to be included with." Nicola Scott (illustrator of Earth 2)
  • "This is extremely exciting news, and I'm gratified to hear that the book made the shortlist. Any time I can feel like I'm reaching younger readers is a big deal to me. Whether it wins the award or not, it's still an enormous honour." Charles Soule (writer of Superman / Wonder Woman