Excelsior Award Blue 2022

2022 Shortlist

The books on the Excelsior Award Blue shortlst have been designated as suitable for children aged 11+ (or Key Stage 3 in schools)

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Scrappy young Jimmy is a pro wrestler in the making, and he’s up for taking on anyone and anything. From his own family, his schoolwork, wild animals and pirates, he’s challenging the world one small fight at a time, but can his hopes and dreams take him all the way to stellar success? Or will his fists finally get him into too much trouble? Lara Kaminoff’s graphic novel about the human spirit is funny and touching, with anti-hero Jimmy punching his way right into readers’ hearts.


Writer: Lara Kaminoff

Artist: Lara Kaminoff

Published by Nobrow

ISBN-13: 978-1910620786

The Super-Soldier you love to hate! John Walker, the one-time Captain America and former U.S.Agent, has been stripped of his official status and is now operating as an independent government contractor protecting covert interests. Now Walker’s latest security detail draws him into a conflict between a small town and the corporate giant trying to destroy it. Along the way, Walker acquires a new partner and a new enemy — while being haunted by ghosts from his past and confronting challenges to his future.


Writer: Christopher Priest

Artist: Georges Jeanty

Published by Marvel

ISBN-13: 978-1302924768

After many years abroad, Prudence Endicott is back in England to bury her mother. Hired as a nanny by a wealthy London family, the young woman immediately begins to spend her nights in the more working-class neighbourhoods… for Miss Endicott is now the new Conciliator, she who helps the poor and the humble to solve their problems when society ignores them. A difficult task – especially as something sinister appears to be brewing underneath London…


Writer: Jean-Christophe Derrien

Artist: Xavier Fourquemin

Published by Cinebook

ISBN-13: 978-1849185448

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